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The heart of every company!

In every company in every industry around the world, logistics plays an important role. It provides an overview in the process flows, simplifies the operation-specific pattern of action and lets your goods arrive on time.

Kerkhoff International Transport & Logistik are specialists on this territory! Transport your goods safe, reliable and on time from a to b is one of our simplest challenges. To keep this time frame with high probability, we employ advanced telematics systems and navigation equipment and have developed a system for every logistical problem to find the appropriate individual and ecological solution.

You want to temporarily store your goods on the way to the target? No logistical challenge for Kerkhoff. Through a national network of partners, we are able to deposit your goods on short notice in a nearby public warehouse and then distribute to several locations.

In order to offer our customers such a successful transport and logistics solutions, we are constantly working on new, innovative and even more optimal ways to manage your goods. The team is regularly trained and helps you with expertise, ideas and motivation.

Customer focus with good prospects

The focus of our efforts is always the customer-oriented actions.

Through an efficient multi-project management, we are able to the various requirements of our customers’ needs, while coordinating the execution of tasks in our company perfectly.