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Logistics with vision

Our primary goal is to develop the property to be highly adaptable to the constantly changing conditions, requirements and opportunities of the market! Therefor Kerkhoff is still moving and changing dynamically at the regional and global market!

The absolute reliability for our customers is one of the greatest goods. Our team identifies always with our customers, their interests and goals and is working absolute discreet in all matters. Effectively improving our services is a goal which will serve you as our customers. After all you and your supply will be sustainably strengthened by best performance.

We offer you absolute professionalism by best quality control and performance skills in all required areas. Because our staff are distinguished by technical, methodological and social competence. They are team oriented and face up to 100% in the service of the company and our customers.

Environment is a non-negligible issue in our business. All of our processes are planned with the goal of minimal impact on natural resources, save energy and avoid waste.

We want to offer our customers permanent ideal services!